Santiago Hirschmann

Mechanical Engineering


I am a Mechanical Engineering student pursuing my Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Northeastern University in Boston. I was raised in a bilingual Argentine-American household and love to sail.
I am excited to make the world a better place through innovative design.

I have experience in both academic and industry settings. This ranges from a data aquisition and analysis project on the use of Uber and Lyft, to the design and implimentation of portions of a robotic vacuum. Some skills that I have aquired along the way include:

    3D Design (Solidworks, Creo)
    DFM and DFA Analysis
    Machine Learning
    Atlassian Suite Project Management
    Test Procedure Design
    Design Validation
    Consumer Testing
    Team Based Design Brainstorming
    Working Remotely

I am available to work from January- June 2021. I will be available for full time work starting in May 2022. Please feel free to reach out using my contact info below.

Check out some of the experiences and projects I have worked on and see what I learned in each!

September 2020

This Website

In making this website I learned how to interface and host a website on GitHub and used a VCS for the first time

Summer 2020

Snap Fit Design

I used DFM and DFA analysis and then designed an injection molded snap fit to save Shark Ninja $75,000 annually

Fall 2019- present


I used Simulink to study Quadcopter dynamics and different controller designs